Data Stores

Since Flowblade version 2.12 the new Data Store feature allows user to decide where project data such as proxy files, thumbnails and rendered clips for containers and generators is saved.

Deleting data of individual projects without affecting other projects is now also possible.

Data Stores and Project Data folders

You can ignore Data Stores

Project Data Folders are automatically created for projects. Users only do need to pay attention to them if they wish to save or move project data into some other place then the default Data Store, or delete project data of completed projects to save disk space.

Project Data actions

Selecting Data Store for Project Data Folder

  1. Select File->New... from application menu.
  2. In Data Store panel select some other then current default Data Store.
  3. If you like to create a new Data Store for the project click Create Data Store button.
  4. Click Ok and a Project Data Folder is created in the selected Data Store.

Viewing Project Data Info

Deleting Project Data

  1. Select Edit->Data Store Manager.
  2. In Data Store panel select Data Store where Project Data Folder you wish to delete is located.
  3. Identify the project data you wish to delete by Last Save File info and select that row in the table.
  4. Click on check button to enable Delete Project Data button in the info panel.
  5. Confirm deleting project data.

Data for currently open Project cannot be deleted.

Moving Project Data

Project Data Folder placement in a Data Store is immutable once project is created. To move Project Data Folder you will need to create a cloned project with Project Data Folder in another data store and then optionally delete original Project Data Folder.

  1. Select Project->Project Data from application menu.
  2. Press Create Clone Project With Project Data in another Data Store button.
  3. Give file name for the new cloned project that has project data in another data store.
  4. Select Data Store where cloned Project Data Folder is placed.
  5. Press Create Clone Project button.

If you delete the new clone project file and old data you will end up in a situation where no working projects exist anymore.

It is advisable to not delete any project files after creating cloned projects before the project is fully completed.

Data Store actions

Creating a new Data Store

  1. Select Edit->Data Store Manager.
  2. Press Create Data Store button and select an empty folder as the Data Store.

Changing active Data Store

  1. Select Edit->Data Store Manager.
  2. Select Data Store you wish to make active.
  3. Press Make This Data Store Active.

Dropping Data Store

  1. Select Edit->Data Store Manager.
  2. Select Data Store you wish to drop.
  3. Press Drop Data Store button.

Connecting Data Store

  1. Select Edit->Data Store Manager.
  2. Press Connect Data Store button.
  3. Select folder with Flowblade Data Store data inside.