Flowblade Default keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Control + N Create New Project
Control + S Save Project
Delete Delete
Escape Stop Rendering Audio Levels
Control + Q Quit
Control + Z Undo
Control + Y Redo
Control + O Open Project
Tab Switch Monitor Display
Alt + N Open Next Media Item In Monitor
Control + L Log Marked Clip Range
Minus Zoom Out
Plus Zoom In


Shortcut Action
I Mark In
O Mark Out
Alt + I Go To Mark In
Alt + O Go To Mark Out
Alt + K Clear In/Out Marks
X Cut Active Tracks
Shift + X Cut All Tracks
Q Trim Clip Start to Playhead
W Trim Clip End to Playhead
Delete Splice Out
Control + Delete Lift
Alt + C Clear Filters
Alt + S Split Audio Synched
Alt + R Resync Track
Control + Alt + S Sync all Compositors
Y Insert
U Append
T Three Point Overwrite
R Overwrite Range
Alt + A Append Selected Media From Bin
M Add Marker
Control + C Copy Clips
Control + V Paste Clips
Left Arrow Prev Frame Trim Edit
Right Arrow Next Frame Trim Edit
Shift + Left Arrow Back 10 Frames Trim Edit
Shift + Right Arrow Forward 10 Frames Trim Edit
Enter Enter Key Trim Editing Mode
, Nudge Move Selection Back 1 Frame
. Nudge Move Selection Forward 1 Frame
Control + , Nudge Move Selection Back 10 Frames
Control + . Nudge Move Selection Forward 10 Frames
Alt + Up Arrow Open Next Clip In Filter Editor
Alt + Down Arrow Open Previous Clip In Filter Editor
Page Up Timeline Vertical Page Up
Page Down Timeline Vertical Page Down
Control + D Enable/Disable selected Clip track output

Track Head Column

Shortcut Action
Mouse Double Click Toggle Track Height


Shortcut Action
Space Play / Pause
J Slower
K Stop
L Faster
Control + Space Play/Pause Mark In to Mark Out loop
Left Arrow Go To Previous Frame
Right Arrow Go To Next Frame
Control + Left Arrow Move Back at 10 fps slowmo
Control + Right Arrow Move Forward at 10 fps slowmo
Shift + Left Arrow Move Back 10 frames
Shift + Right Arrow Move Forward at 10 frames
Down Arrow Go To Previous Cut
Up Arrow Go To Next Cut
Home Go To Start
End Go To End
Alt + I To Mark In
Alt + O To Mark Out

Keyframe and Geometry Editor

Shortcut Action
Control + C Copy Keyframe Value
Control + V Paste Keyframe Value
Control + Left Mouse Move selected keyframe and all keyframes after it

Geometry Editor

Shortcut Action
Left Arrow Move Source Video Left 1px
Right Arrow Move Source Video Right 1px
Up Arrow Move Source Video Up 1px
Down Arrow Move Source Video Down 1px
Control + Arrow Move Source Video 10px
Control + Mouse Drag Keep Aspect Ratio in Affine Blend scaling
Shift + Left Arrow Scale Down
Shift + Right Arrow Scale Upo
Shift + Control + Left Arrow Scale Down More
Shift + Control + Right Arrow Scale Up More
Shift Snap to X or Y of drag start point

RotoMask Editor

Shortcut Action
Delete Deletes Selected Handle
Left Arrow Previous Frame
Right Arrow Next Frame