Flowblade provides standalone tools for important functionality that cannot be logically or conveniently presented via top left panels or the timeline.



Audio Mixer


Media Relinker

Media Relinker is a standalone application running in its own process and does not affect the project that is open in Flowblade

  1. Start by pressing Load Project For Relinking button and select the project you wish to relink.
  2. Select the media file you wish to replace with some other media file. Press Set File Relink Path button or press Right Mouse on item to start selecting the new file. Clips and wipes in the project are linked to this new media file.
  3. Use drop down menu at bottom left to display either missing or found media files
  4. Press Save Relinked Project As... button to save the relinked version of the project
  5. Open the relinked project in Flowblade and continue working with it
  6. Media Relinker runs in its own process and does not share state or data with the running application.
  7. When relinking a project you have open in Flowblade at the same time make sure that do not overwrite the relinked version of project when saving the project you have open in Flowblade

G'Mic Effects

G'MIC is a full-featured open-source framework for image processing.

Flowblade G'MIC tool presents user with a selection of commads that can be used to achieve complex filtering of video clips.

NOTE: If a command is not present in the system then the corresponding filtering selection will not work.

Commands are mostly embedded in the /usr/bin/gmic binary itself, so to have access to more commands you will mostly need to upgrade the binary in your system.

It is however possible to add and use custom commands and use them for video filtering, more info here.

Loading clip and rendering previews

Rendering Output