Generators are Media Items that render into animated media clips when placed on timeline.

Currently there are three differant types of Generators available:

Flowblade Generators are implemented as Python scripts using Fluxity API (see below) packed inside Container Clips.

Using Generators

Adding Generators

  1. Select menu item Project -> Add Generator.
  2. Select Generator using Generator drop down menu.
  3. Set properties using left side panel, select frame using Clip Frame spin button and press Preview button to view results.
  4. Use Generator Length spin button to set generator maximum length. Use Import Action drop down menu to either add as Media Item or render a video clip.
  5. Use Add Generator button to complete Generator creation.

Editing Generator Clips

  1. Open timeline clip Right Mouse pop-up menu and select item Edit Generator....
  2. Set Generator properties using editors opened in Edit panel.
  3. Select frame using spin button and press Preview button to view results.
  4. Use Apply button to re-render timeline clip using edited properties.

Generators List

Category Name Description
Backgrouds Floating Balls Colored balls moving horizontally with differing sizes and speeds.
Backgrouds Hex Colors Colored hexagonals of selected size changing color at selected speed.
Texts Multiline text Animated lines of text with multiple in and out animation types, with optional lines or rectangle background.
Texts TypeWriter Text typewriter effect with steps of adding a letter, word or line.
Cover Transitions Lines Sweep Cover transition with horizontally moving colored lines.
Cover Transitions Hex Overlay Cover transition with apperaing and disappearing hexagonals.

Fluxity Scripting

Fluxity scripting is a Python scripting solution created to provide Flowblade Movie Editor with a Plugin API used to create Generators providing means to create e.g. animated text and animated background clips.

Fluxity API

Instructions on how to create Generators using Fluxity API here.